Have a burning question? Something you always wanted to know about music and audio, but were afraid to ask? Just ask Hartley.

Yes, Hartley Peavey is here to answer your queries and field your comments. Here is your chance to ask one of the most accomplished authorities in the biz to answer your questions on gear and technology. We'll pick the best for a recurring column right here in the Monitor.
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Brian Tetreault Asked:
"Greetings Mr. Hartley Peavey. I've been using Peavey guitar amps since I started playing 13 years ago. My personal favorite is the 6505 - it's a monster! How do you keep your products so affordable for the working musician, and make them of such high quality? I've had my trusty 6505 212 combo for a few years and it has held up and I've had no problems with it at all. Thanks for having a company that builds quality products for prices working musicians can afford and (the most important thing) products that sound amazing. "

Jerry Schiebelhut Asked:
"Do you perform any hands-on wiring yourself anymore? With such great products (especially the TransTube amps), I get the feeling that you are very "hands on" in the R&D process."

Eli Blackwell Asked:
"What does a phantom power switch do?"

Gary Watkins Asked:
"Is Peavey planning on manufacturing a pedal steel guitar in the future, and why only one (Nashville 112) steel guitar amp at this time?"

Mike Ockerts Asked:
"Hey Hartley!! Been a Peavey fan for a long time!!! So...... How do you get your beard so nicely trimmed? Thanks!!!"

Billy Stapleton Asked:
"Hello Hartley, Long time no see. Still playing 150 nights a year, can't stop. Playing an old Super 400 through a new Classic 30 1x12. Love the sound tone, response. I have modified it already so it has a standby switch, and my channel selector has an led in it. My real question is why you wire the circuit boards together with that brittle wire? Flexible cable would allow service without fear of breaking the hard wires AND they are known to be the Achilles heel of the design, as they break on their own from normal wear & tear. Thought you were rid of me years ago I bet. Much love my brother. PS. I had mine redone with flexible wire."

Jason Gilchrist Asked:
"I play only Peavey amps and guitars (HP Signature) because of the great value, quality and design. I also play Peavey because you still employ many people here America and you own the company. Can America continue to prosper as more of a "service" country than a manufacturing country? I know that is a loaded question. I just wanted your thoughts since you have seen a lot in the last 44 years of doing business. The "global" economy theory just doesn't seem to be working very well right now as I recently became unemployed."

J.L. Nabors Asked:
"Hi Hartley! I've been a Peavey man since 1985,when I purchased a Patriot guitar & Envoy amp! I still have the guitar today along with a Studio Pro 112! My question is one of curiosity - the guitar is a 24 3/4 scale length with 23 frets! Why 23? Does it have to do with intonation? I love my Patriot, and it has aged gracefully but the 23 frets have always intrigued me, and nobody seems to have an answer for me! Thanks for your time, and dedication to a quality product! J.L."

Orlando Mercado Asked:
"Thanks for all the wonderful instruments and equipment that you have offered working musicians throughout your career. I am particularly fond of the Classic Series guitar amplifiers, which prompts the following two questions. How involved are you in the design of your amplifiers and which of them is your personal favorite? Peavey Rules!!"

Cole Gaskins Asked:
"Hartley, simple question, why do you think Peavey doesn't get the credit it deserves in the resale market? I myself buy up all the used Peavey gear I can get my hands on while prices are low! For now! Thanks for some great gear!"

Nestor Katimbang Asked:
"In mid freq, why does 250hz seems to be the standard cut-off band?"

Ken Kolberg Asked:
"American made Peavey amps of the past are known as the toughest, most road worthy amps in the world. Are the amps built out of country capable of living up to the high standards set by the American made amps? "

Darryl Wilson Asked:
"Mr. Peavey...I'm just curious as to why,unlike gibson or fender peavey changes models so often as opposed to having a few models and simply making subtle changes?I seriously love peavey guitars but models like the vandenberg were discontinued only to be revisited.I would like to see the t-series updated.But that's just me.Thanks for your time..."

Mark Croft Asked:
"Hello, I have been using Peavey equipment since 1981 and I would like to ask, which piece of equipment did you find hardest to get from the drawing board into production and why?
Thanks Mark"

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