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Rock House Metal Guitar
"Kilocycle Interval" Lead - Arpeggio and Lateral Run Application
with Marc Rizzo

Sweep Arpeggio Grand Finale, Adding Flash to a Solo
Marc Rizzo is best known as guitarist for the heavy Metal band "Soulfly" (fronted by ex-Sepultura vocalist Max Cavalera) and "Cavalera Conspiracy" (with Max and Igor Cavalera, both formerly of Sepultura). Marc also has stepped out on his own as a solo guitarist releasing two CD's: "Colossal Myopia" and "The Ultimate Devolution," where he displays a phenomenal command of the guitar with deep musical roots in Metal, Classical and Flamenco guitar. Within one song Marc will go from an insane awe inspiring shred lead right into a deep flamenco section fusing the two styles together in a unique way that breathes new life into the Instrumental Rock and Metal genres.

In this lesson we are going look at a solo inspired by the first lead in "Kilocycle Interval" from Colossal Myopia. This solo based in the E Aeolian mode transverses the neck using position playing with patterns in a double string sequence on the first and second strings and finishes with a series of blistering fast five string sweep arpeggios that grab the listener's attention. Play through the entire lead in EX.1 then I will break it down for you section by section next.

In the First Section Marc plays melodic lines stemming from the fourth position E Aeolian Scale and ends with a position shift jumping his second finger to the root note "E" on the fourth string second fret.

The Second Section is an ascending sixteenth note double string sequence on the first and second strings. This climbing pattern is a great way to move across the neck quickly and effortlessly.

In the Third Section Marc finishes the lead by flawlessly sweeping five string A minor, B minor, C Major and D Major Arpeggios. Watch for the pull offs on the first string and the slides on the fifth string that give the passage a very smooth quality.

This lead is a great example of starting a lead with a melodic riff then finishing off with some flash that makes the listener say "Wow!"

This lesson comes from Marc's Rock House Method Metal Guitar program, which is available for purchase at Check out all Marc Rizzo's complete Rock House programs at

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