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Impact Soundworks � Light Crunch Preset

It's time for part two of our series of ReValver presets from our friends at Impact Soundworks, makers of the stellar Shreddage guitar sample library. Today's preset, "Light Crunch," pulls back on the gain with enough crunch left to keep things dangerous.

The crunch is provided by the ValveKing™ amp model and a Triple XXX® 412/bmx3 IR cabinet model. The tone is sculpted by two instances of the Gr8 EQ module, one before the amp and one after the cab. It is further fattened with a little stereo reverb provided by the ACS R2 stereo reverb effect module.

About Impact Soundworks
Impact Soundworks is a joint venture between sound designers Andrew Aversa and Wilbert Roget, II, founded in 2007 with the goal of producing ergonomic sound libraries of the highest quality with the composer in mind at every step of development.

Download the bank below:

Listen to an audio clip of this preset:

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