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Ahrue Luster - Ill Niño
This month we will debut our first artist-created ReValver preset, created by the one and only Ahrue Luster from the Latin metal band Ill Niño. Ahrue is also the former guitarist for Machine Head, Manmade God and Bay Area thrash metal act The Horde of Torment. A longtime Peavey player, Ahrue's 6505 tone is crushing, to say the least.

Besides Ahrue's 6505 settings, this preset highlights a couple of great features in ReValver: The Signal Splitter and the 3Q parametric EQ.

The Signal Splitter divides the signal into two streams, each running in parallel. The two streams are then mixed together in the "Signal Merge" module. This allows you to run and mix two separate rigs at the same time. In this case, Ahrue is using the Signal Splitter to run a single 6505 head into two different cabinets. Brilliant.

Finally, Ahrue runs the patch through the 3Q, which has three parametric filters with adjustable frequency, gain, and Q, for a bit of final tone sculpting.

Download the preset below and discover why Ahrue knows tone.

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