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Craig Anderton - Rhythm Bank
This month we are thrilled to present the first in a series of patch banks created by the one and only Craig Anderton. I promise you that everything we do today in our home studios, Craig did first. It's one thing to be a technology early adopter, but Craig is a pioneer who both figuratively and literally wrote the book on home recording and electronic music. To see a truly impressive "been there, done that" list, do yourself a favor and check out

To start things off, Craig has crafted 10 amazing stereo rhythm patches. These patches are a master-class in the use of the Signal Splitter module and a guided tour of most of the effects modules. School is definitely in session. To coincide with Craig's column in the Holiday 2009 issue of Guitar Player magazine (which really should be considered a companion piece to this bank), the presets really focus on the use of parallel guitar "stacks." Witness the power of two different amps running through two different cabinets, with the result being stereo guitar-god power. Okay, maybe we have a flair for the dramatic, but it is damn cool. Enjoy.

Download the bank below:

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Preset Archive
Metal Rhythm Tone
Ahrue Luster - Ill Niño

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