PM™ 18S Black Podium Microphone

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Product Description

PM™ 18S Black Podium Microphone
The PM 18S is truly the ultimate podium microphone, offering a unique combination of features to suit any formal speaking application.The utilization of dual-flex tubing allows for practically infinite positioning choices while maintaining a clean appearance.The specially designed back electret condenser capsule offers a tailored, smooth frequency response with an excellent cardioid pickup pattern and high gain performance before feedback.

  • Available in Black and White
  • Back-electret condenser element
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Specially tailored smooth frequency response
  • High gain before feedback
  • Collet-type mounting flange with mechanical isolation system
  • Security locking system to prevent unauthorized removal
  • Operational from 9~52 volt DC phantom power source
  • LED power indicator
  • Weight Unpacked: 0.66 lb(0.3 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 1.25 lb(0.567 kg)
  • Width Packed: 3.5"(8.89 cm)
  • Height Packed: 26.25"(66.675 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 3"(7.62 cm)

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Subject: Description of pm18s mic
Discussion: What is the height of the pm18s mic? Peavey Response: The PM 18S Microphone has a Packed Height of 26.25" (66.675 cm).