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Acoustic Guitars

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Composite Acoustics®

Composite Acoustics revolutionized the acoustic guitar market with the introduction of instruments totally built from composite materials featuring stunningly gorgeous weave soundboards. Play any of the guitars in Composite Acoustics' line and you'll be impressed not only with their volume, but also the incredible tonal clarity and chiming sustain. Carbon fiber allows Composite Acoustics to create a guitar that is more consistent than any other acoustic guitar on the planet—no matter the climate conditions.

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Composer® Series

Offset Sound Hole for Improved Volume and Bass Response

Peavey's Composer Series is born out of a desire to produce a large, full-bodied tone out of a small-bodied instrument. The Spruce laminate top of the Composer parlor guitar produces a tight and focused sound, due to its offset sound hole and bracing pattern. By moving the sound hole, we are able to place bracing throughout the top in the greatest points of tension (i.e., the space between the bridge and neck). This technique allows for a very rigid instrument that maintains its volume and depth of tone. The Composer also features a wing vent in the hardwood side, which allows more volume to be projected to the musician.

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