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Bass Amps

Bass Amps

bass guitar amplifiers

MAX® Series

MAX Portability. MAX Flexibility. MAX Sound.

Peavey packages portability, flexibility and sound in the new MAX® bass amp series. Designed especially for performers, the MAX series features an angled baffle which allows players to direct the sound right where they want it. With durable yet ultra-lightweight construction, the MAX series delivers plenty of power and state-of-the-art tonal quality.

acoustic bass amplifiers


Mini Size, Mega Punch

Using technology never found on other bass amps, the MiniMEGA™ represents a new level of compact bass amplifier performance. Peavey's proprietary Kosmos® bass enhancement provides increased bass impact, while the exclusive psychoacoustic low-end enhancement adds bass without overburdening speakers — a testament to Peavey's technology-driven innovation. The MiniMEGA also contains other modern features such as built-in compression and a 4-band EQ with semi-parametric mids.

Headliner® 1000 Head

Lightweight, 1,000-watt Head Packs in Powerful Tones and Professional Features

The Peavey Headliner® 1000 features a 7-band graphic EQ spaced at optimized frequencies, with each slider providing 15dB of cut and boost to provide comprehensive tone shaping frequencies optimized for bass guitar. Players can use the graphic EQ in conjunction with the low and high shelving-type tone controls or bypass the graphic EQ entirely.

TNT® & TKO® Combos

Looking for power (and lots of it)? The TNT 115 and TKO 115 have you covered. The TKO 115 pushes 400 watts, while the TNT delivers a staggering 600 watts. Where the competition uses off-the-shelf power amps and power supplies, Peavey designs proprietary class D amplifiers from scratch — specifically for bass amplifiers.

VB-MA Bass Amplifier and Cabs

Michael Anthony Signature Series

As a member of legendary bands, Michael Anthony has toured the globe, performing before millions of people. Anthony has relied on the Peavey VB™-3 exclusively and is now proud to share a uniquely voiced model that suits his exacting demands perfectly.

Bass Enclosures

Designed for Gigging Bassists Who Need No-Nonsense, Rugged, and Dependable Cabs they can Rely on Night After Night of Touring.

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