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Delta Blues™ 210 Tweed Guitar Combo Amp

$799.99 USD $1,099.99 USD
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Item #: 03386550
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  • DeltaBlues 210 - Front
  • DeltaBlues 210 - Back
  • DeltaBlues 210 - Left
  • DeltaBlues 210 - Right
  • DeltaBlues 210 - Panel

Classic style, classic tone and modern versatility. If the blues is your way of life, this is your amp. 30 classic all-tube watts are way louder than solid state and modern flexibility comes from a tremolo with speed and intensity controls, pre-and post-gain controls on the lead channel, 3-band passive EQ, a boost switch, external speaker jack, and an effects loop. Jamming or gigging, this baby can hold down your end of the sound.

Tremolo with speed and intensity
Pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel
Normal volume control on clean channel
3-band passive EQ (bass, middle, treble)
Two 10 inch Celestion® speakers
Master reverb
Footswitch selectable channel switching, tremolo, reverb and boost.
Effects loop
Chrome-plated chassis
All-tube (three 12AX7 and four EL84 tubes)
External speaker jack
2-channel preamp
30 watts into 16 or 8 ohms
Boost switch
Footswitch included
Classic tweed covering
Weight Unpacked: 45.00 lb(20.412 kg)
Weight Packed: 52.00 lb(23.587 kg)
Width Packed: 24.37"(61.8998 cm)
Height Packed: 25.62"(65.0748 cm)
Depth Packed: 14.5"(36.83 cm)
Aaron Gillespie
The Almost
Darrel Higham
Imelda May, Kat Men
Ed Eason
Carrie Underwood
Frank Piombo
Frank Piombo
Gina Gleason
Cirque du Soleil - Michael Jackson One
James Bagshaw
King Dude
King Dude
Simon Neil
Biffy Clyro
Steve Earle
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