1/4 Inch Panel Mount Phone Jack Item #: 00053300
$6.29 USD

1/4 Inch Panel Mount Phone Jack

For speaker enclosures with 3/4 inch panel thickness
Not for cabinets with crossovers
Single 1/4 inch jack for mounting permanently in a instrument or PA enclosure
Includes: 1 deep (ferrule) internal washer, 1 external finish washer, 1 long shaft 1/4 inch phone jack, 1 lock washer and 1 finish washer and nut
Weight Unpacked: 0.05 lb(0.022 kg)
Weight Packed: 0.05 lb(0.022 kg)
Width Packed: 2"(5.08 cm)
Height Packed: 2.25"(5.715 cm)
Depth Packed: 1"(2.54 cm)