PVX™ Eyebolt Kit

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PVX™ eyebolt kit consist of 2) M10 and 2) M8 eyebolts
Metric eyebolts required for plying PVX™ 12 and 15 or PVXp™ 12 or 15 speaker cabinets
M10 eyebolt weight capacity 1600 lbs. of straight-line pull force
M8 Eyebolt weight capacity 1100 lbs. of straight-line pull force
*Load ratings are reduced by 75% when the eyebolt is used at an angle. Do not esceed a 45 degree angle, and always have the angle occur within the plane of the eye
Weight Packed: 0.24 lb(0.11 kg)
Width Packed: 5"(12.7 cm)
Height Packed: 7"(17.78 cm)
Depth Packed: 0.5"(1.27 cm)

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