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Peavey has been a cornerstone of church's efforts to spread the Word, from the amazing MediaMatrix® computer audio systems found in many mega-churches to the countless XR® Series powered mixers populating fellowship halls and youth rooms around the world.

In return for the unprecedented support from the church community, PVF is offering a special program designed just for churches like yours that seek to provide excellence in communication. Just as we have come alongside countless ministries with personnel and support, we stand ready to do the same for you.

Buying a sound system doesn’t have to be a treasury-draining event.

PVF is offering your church a way to obtain the products you need while conserving your cash for other obligations. Being a good steward involves allocating funds where they can be most effective. In the case of sound systems, that means finding the path to excellence at a reasonable price. Peavey has the resources, and more importantly, the heart to become your partner in ministry. Fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page, then wait for great sound opportunities to come your way.

What is the program?

PVF’s new leasing program is exclusively designed for churches like yours to give your ministry all the sound advantages it needs.

Why is it better?

Instead of purchasing an inadequate system, why not lease the system you really deserve?

- No large down payment required

- Low monthly installment

How can I get involved?

Download and fill out the form below. Fax it to the number provided on the form.

PVF Credit Application (PDF 76k)

Additional Information

More information on Leasing

  • Preserves existing credit lines for things that can't be leased such as repairs and improvements to your church
  • Preserves your cash reserves for emergencies, benevolence, and leadership
  • No large down payments required
  • Allows your church to get the equipment it needs now and budget for it rather than wait for special collections and fund raising
  • Ability to keep monthly payments low
  • Flexible terms to match seasonal fluctuation in tithing
  • Upgrade your sound system as your church grows and its needs change
  • If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.
  • Lease a proven and quality sound system from your Peavey Dealer and hear HIS message loud and clear
  • Terms 2-5 years
  • Fast credit approval

Contact your local Peavey dealer or Call Courtland Gray with PVF to discuss further.

PO Box 1229
Meridian, MS 39302,
fax (601) 486-1866

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