SP® 12M 12 inch Floor Monitor

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This speaker is unpowered, and requires a separate power amplifier.
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Product Description

SP® 12M 12 inch Floor Monitor
The SP 12M two-way, full-range floor monitor features a 12" BWX Black Widow 4" diameter VC woofer with a field-replaceable basket, RX 22CT compression driver with titanium diaphragm, and Sound Guard III tweeter protection. The unit includes dual-baffle angles of 45(o) or 30(o) and two 1/4" full-range phone-jack inputs in parallel with a four-pin twist lock connector.

  • Two-way, full-range floor monitor
  • 1,000 watts program, 2,000 watts peak
  • BWX Black Widow® woofer, 4" VC, field-replaceable basket
  • RX™22CT compression driver with titanium diaphragm
  • Sound Guard™ III tweeter protection
  • Dual-baffle angles of 45o or 30o
  • Two 1/4" full range phone-jack inputs in parallel with a four-pin twist lock connector
  • Metal stand mount adapter incorporated and four rubber feet on side for angle use
  • Plywood enclosure finished in black textured paint
  • Full length black powder coated metal grille
  • Weight Unpacked: 50.71 lb(23 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 54.01 lb(24.5 kg)
  • Width Packed: 18.976"(48.19904 cm)
  • Height Packed: 23.492"(59.66968 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 14.173"(35.99942 cm)

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Jeff DiCenzo

Subject: response
Discussion: This looks like a fantastic speaker for my two man act, or for practice room. Or, with my rock band, great monitor or main, depending on room. I love that it has the black widow and the better horn (SX22 or whatever). what is the rated frequency response? We don't do hip hop and I we don't need to reproduce sub bass but just how is it rated. Thanks much. Peavey Response: 50 Hz - 3.5 kHz