Stereo Chorus™212 Footswitch

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Expected Soon! Aug 19, 2022
Product Description

Stereo Chorus™212 Footswitch
Stereo Chorus 212 Footswitch

  • LED indicator
  • 7-pin DIN plug
  • Lead/Crunch selects Lead or Crunch channels
  • Bypass/Clean selects Clean channel
  • Select Reverb defeats or activates internal reverb
  • Select Chorus defeats or activates chorus
  • Comes with 14 foot cable
  • Use with Stereo Chorus™212
  • Weight Packed: 1.00 lb(0.453 kg)

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Antonio Araújo
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Customer Review

Q & A

Subject: Backstage Stereo Chorus 208
Discussion: Hi, I own my amp since the 90's but never had the dedicated foot switch. Will this one work with my amp? Peavey Response: Yes

Subject: Peavey Standard Series 260
Discussion: I was wandering if this switch would work with the old Strd Series 260 (from the 70s/80s)? Peavey Response: Obsolete, no switch available.
The Big M

Subject: Will this footswitch work with a Deuce VT
Discussion: Hello. I own a Deuce, and wanted to know if this footswitch will work with it Peavey Response: No, we no longer carry that footswitch

Subject: Peavey Classic Chorus 212
Discussion: Will this fit a Peavey Classic Chorus 212 Peavey Response: Yes
Bob Smethers

Subject: 4button peavey footswitch
Discussion: Does this footswitch work with the Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 amplifier. Peavey Response: It should, yes.