Stereo Chorus™212 Footswitch

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Product Description

Stereo Chorus™212 Footswitch
Stereo Chorus 212 Footswitch

  • LED indicator
  • 7-pin DIN plug
  • Lead/Crunch selects Lead or Crunch channels
  • Bypass/Clean selects Clean channel
  • Select Reverb defeats or activates internal reverb
  • Select Chorus defeats or activates chorus
  • Comes with 14 foot cable
  • Use with Stereo Chorus™212
  • Weight Packed: 1.00 lb(0.453 kg)

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Customer Review

Q & A
Patrick Liu

Subject: Compatible with Heritage Amp?
Discussion: Will this work with a 212 Heritage VTX amp? Peavey response: No, it will not work. The Heritage VTX uses the old Automix footswitch and its be obsoleted for 20 years or better now.
Bill from Charleston, WV

Subject: Work on Classic 50 VT Series?
Discussion: Will this foot switch work on a 1979 Classic 50 VT Series amp? It is also a 4-button design. Thanks, Bill

Subject: Studio Chorus 210 footswitch
Discussion: Will this footswitch work on a Studio Chorus 210? Peavey Response: No. The Studio Pro 210 had a 3 button/8 pin DIN footswitch.

Subject: Will This Work
Discussion: Will this work with a 6534+ head? If not, what foot switch channel select pedal does work? Peavey Response: The compatible footswitch for the 6534+ head can be found here. 6505®Plus Footswitch
Greg Bronson

Subject: Deuce 240T
Discussion: What footswitch will work on a 1976/77 Deuce 240T 2x12 combo amp. Thanks. Peavey Response: Obsolete, no longer in production.