Super 7 Preamp Tube 12AX7/STR-395

Order the Super 7 Preamp Tube 12AX7/STR-395 from Peavey. Best-in-class sound quality. Electric, bass & acoustic guitars. Pro audio equipment, speakers, amps & more.
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Product Description

Super 7 Preamp Tube 12AX7/STR-395
Super 7 Preamp Tube

  • One tube per package
  • 12AX7 / STR-395 tube
  • Weight Unpacked: 0.02 lb(0.01 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 0.04 lb(0.019 kg)
  • Width Packed: 1.125"(2.8575 cm)
  • Height Packed: 4"(10.16 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 1.125"(2.8575 cm)

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Q & A
David from Modesto,CA

Subject: Compatibility question
Discussion: Are these a direct replacement for other branded 12ax7 tubes? I want to use them in my vintage Rowe-Ami jukebox. The part number matches the oem one in the manual. Peavey response: Yes, those will work.