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CHURCH_A.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
DBL_2.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
MX1-3-DR.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_1HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_2HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_3HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_4HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_5HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_6HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_7HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
NORM_8HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
QW_MON.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
QW-MON.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
QW-MONS4.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__1HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__2HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__3HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__4HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__5HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__6HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__7HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
R_R__8HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_1HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_2HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_3HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_4HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_5HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_6HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_7HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
SAFE_8HG.V48 - (updated 05/13/09)
VSX-48 NORMAL.pdf (89k) - (updated 05/14/09)
VSX-48 ROCK & ROLL.pdf (90k) - (updated 05/14/09)
VSX-48 SAFE MODE.pdf (101k) - (updated 05/14/09)
VSX-48 Log.pdf (95k) - (updated 05/14/09)

Instructions for transfering VSX presets from the web to your VSX unit

Prepare your memstick. The easiest way is to plug a USB 2.0 memstick directly into your VSX 48's USB "A" slot. Then press the TOOLS button. Scroll to "Save Preset" and press the Data wheel to select. Press the Data wheel (to select) when on "Location" and turn the Data wheel clockwise until "USB Memstick" appears in the window. Just proceed to save whatever is the existing preset (it doesn't matter what it is or it's name) . By doing so, the VSX 48 creates all the folders necessary to transfer downloaded presets to the unit itself.

Alternately you can create the folder: VSX 48 and then create the folder: presets and drag it inside the VSX 48 folder.

After downloading the presets you need from the website, drag them into VSX 48/presets folder while the memstick is plugged into your computer.

To load the presets into the VSX 48 plug the memstick into the "A" USB slot, press the TOOLS button and turn the Data wheel until it stops on "Load Preset". Press the Data wheel to select. While "load" is highlighted press the Data wheel to make the cursor jump to the preset name field. Turn the Data wheel until it says USB Memstick with the name of the desired preset under it. Then press the Data wheel again to move the cursor and turn the Data wheel until "OK" is highlighted. Then press the Data wheel to select, it will ask before overwriting the current and answer "OK" again.

Instructions for installing firmware

Simply install downloaded update in the folder: VSX 48/firmware on your memstick. Restart the VSX pressing the Data wheel. Insert the memstick and follow the on screen instructions.

Troubleshooting: should you have any problems after following the above instructions defragging your memstick usually solves them. Put the stick back in your computer and select it (drive) for defragging by whatever method you use on your computer. The other caution is to allow 10 to 15 seconds for your VSX to recognize your memstick after you first plug it into the VSX.

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