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Before you visit our Online Forums, you can look for the answers to your questions here.  Many products and sound concepts are covered for everyone from the novice to the longtime professional. You will need Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader to view some of these files.

Hartley Peavey Whitepapers
 Chapter 1 - How All This Came About
 Chapter 2 - The Weakest Link
 Chapter 3 - Transtube
 Chapter 4 - Can an amp put out more power than a 'wall socket' can deliver?
 Chapter 5 - The Ancient Order of the Mystic Magnetic Pickup
 Chapter 6 - Standby...For the Truth
 Chapter 7 - Speakers are important

 FLS®—Taking the Mystery Out of Feedback
 Clipping Revisited: Clipping—What is it and what's the big deal?
 Glossary of Digital Audio Terms
 Reference of Sound Reinforcement Terms
 Impedance in Audio Technology
 AUX FED SUBs - PDF Format (113KB)  New!
 The Loudspeaker Spec Sheet Game - PDF Format (141KB)  New!

 The Ultimate Drum Tuning Guide - PDF format (191 kb)

 What is SMDI?
 DPM® SP SIMM Installation
 DPM SP Sample Time Chart

 Lapel Microphones

 Black Widow® Super Structure

 2-Track Recording with Peavey Mixers
 Noise and Stuff in Consoles: More About Specifications
 Automatic Mixers - PDF format

Power amplifiers
 How Much Power For My Speakers? - PDF Format (229KB)  New!
 Biamplification vs. Bridging Power Amplifiers
 Class Act: The Pros and Cons of Amplifier Design
 Heat Sink Technology
 Power Amplifiers in Bridge Mode

 Initialization/Reset List
 Crossovers 101
 Crossovers 102

 Factory Repair FAQ

 Shock Hazard and Grounding

Sound systems
 Power Amp Gain and Voltage Sensitivity - PDF Format
 Digitool Application for a small Church - PDF Format
 Talk About Balanced vs Unbalanced Systems - PDF Format (316 kb)
 Side Fills or True Cross Fade Monitors? Do You Know the Difference?
 Long Cable Runs Waste Power and Reduce Performance
 Constant Directivity Horn Equalization
 Everything Direct
 Power Shading and More for Loudspeaker Systems
 Boundary Cancellation - How to Eliminate Low Frequency Cancellation with Proper Woofer Placement - PDF Format
 Why Large Sound Systems Need to Go Vertical 
 10 Common Mistakes That Can "Toast" Your Speakers and Diaphragms 
 AC Power Distribution - PDF Format
 Hum & Pin #1
 Arraying Loudspeaker Systems
 Bridge Mode Application
 Signal Flow - PDF Format
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