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Peavey’s RBN Series Speaker Enclosures Are Now Shipping

Pro audio leader Peavey Electronics announces the immediate availability of the RBN 112 speaker enclosures and the RBN 215 powered subwoofers. Driven by highly efficient power amps designed specifically for powered speaker enclosures, the RBN series combines best-in-class audio quality with Peavey's legendary reliability.

The 1,500 Watt RBN 112 speaker enclosures are top quality, ultra-reliable loudspeakers. Unique to these speakers is Peaveys proprietary 120mm true ribbon high frequency driver on a low-coloration wave-guide. Used in studio environments for decades, Peavey has developed a method for applying this high-quality sound technology to live applications. The result is crystal-clear audio that no other traditional compression driver can rival. To match the incredible high-frequency performance of Peaveys ribbon driver, these enclosures are equipped with 12 dual-voice coil neodymium Scorpion speakers which feature Peaveys exclusive field replaceable basket technology. Features include program EQ presets, side and top handles, multiple side and top fly points, and an ultra-braced molded enclosure. The RBN 112 is 24 tall, 14.07 wide, 14.07 deep and weighs 39 pounds.

Incorporating modern digital signal processing, the RBN series enclosures features two XLR/1/4 combination inputs, a 3.5mm input, and a mic/line level selection. Each input features digital infrasonic high-pass filters, a 9-band graphic EQ, and delay. Each output features a sophisticated compressor/limiter and fourth order high-pass/low-pass filters for crossover function and external subwoofer incorporation. The series comes equipped with bass enhancement and auto-off power down.

The RBN 215 powered subwoofers are at the very forefront of subwoofer technology. Maintaining full output down to 36Hz with 2,000 Watts total peak power and constructed of heavily braced 18mm birch plywood, the RBN subs are designed for years of rock solid low end reliability. Features include dual 15 woofers, assignable crossover, heavy-duty locking casters, ultra-braced cabinet assembly, ground lift, pole mount, and a heavy-duty steel perforated grille. In use position, the RBN 215 is 32.88 tall, 22.07 wide, 24.75 deep and weighs 125 pounds.

Reliability is key when selecting a powered enclosure. RBN enclosures feature an internal temperature monitor combined with a variable speed cooling fan, plus level and clip indication to ensure optimal performance, added Peavey COO Courtland Gray. The setup wizard makes the speaker system completely user-friendly with internal presets built into the DSP, allowing users to quickly select the speakers application or orientation via the LCD on the rear of the enclosure next to the power amp VU meter.

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