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How do I get an Owner's Manual for my Peavey product?

You can download spec sheets and owner's manuals on our product pages. Just select the individual page for the product in which you are interested.

Owner's manuals for many older Peavey products can be downloaded at this link:

Archived Manuals

For further assistance obtaining a manual, please email:

[email protected]

My Peavey product needs repair. What do I do now?

If you need assistance finding a service center or dealer, you can use the Dealer/Service Center Locator here:

Dealer Locator

Check with your local Peavey dealer to confirm that they offer repair service, or select "Service Center" under dealer type before you search. This way, you will only see a list of dealers offering repair service and independent repair shops in your search results.

You can also return your product to the factory for service. The address is:

Peavey Service Center
Attn: Repair
710 A Street
Meridian, MS 39301

*Please be sure to specify ATTN: REPAIR on any packages or labels. Include a note with a description of the problem. If you wish to get an estimate before any work is done, please indicate this in your note. No Return Authorization is required.

Factory Repair FAQ

For assistance/status of repairs for Peavey products and scheduling factory repair appointments, email [email protected].

Outside the US, please contact your local Peavey Distributor for assistance.

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