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Peavey Electronics Supports Youth Open Mic Nights

Recognizing that positive musical experiences help to create a lifelong love of music, Peavey Electronics is proud to support TKM Youth Open Mic nights sponsored by Teach Kids Music, a 501(3) nonprofit organization that strives to help underprivileged children achieve their goals of learning how to play instruments. TKM Youth Open Mic nights are typically hosted in local community centers, and play an important role in helping children express themselves in a safe, creative atmosphere, while meeting other musicians with common interests. By donating PA equipment and instruments to these events, Peavey helps to provide the vehicle, allowing children the opportunity to develop their passion.

Teach Kids Music founder John McCarthy began his first music school at age 15. Following his lifelong passion to teach music to youth, McCarthy has written more than 100 music instruction books and programs, and has sold more than 3 million worldwide. His award-winning Rock House core curriculum is the foundation of the Teach Kids Music program, and is provided at local community centers and clubs so that kids can learn the basics and set a solid foundation for each instrument. McCarthy is a longtime friend of Peavey, and together they have collaborated on many projects in the past. Peavey is excited to partner with an active nonprofit like Teach Kids Music and provide instruments to children in local communities who may not have resources to access them.

According to TKM, all too often, kids become victims of destructive patterns due to lack of guidance and resources. It has been proven that playing an instrument helps children succeed academically. It can also help them learn how to set goals and build self-esteem when they showcase their talents. Importantly, when kids have the opportunity to try different instruments, they can see which inspires them most and embark on a musical journey.

In addition to hosting TKM Youth Open Mic nights, Teach Kids Music has teamed up with internationally recognized musicians who help inspire kids to play music and bring attention to the organizations mission. Musicians Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), Paul Pesco (Hall Oates and Madonna), and others have made appearances at TKM events. These professionals have talked with the children about following their dreams to play music and even occasionally sit in for a jam session.

From trying new instruments and making new friends to meeting music legends and showcasing their skills, positive musical experiences can be defining moments in a childs life and help spark a lifelong passion. Peavey is honored to be part of a potentially life-changing program for these kids.

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