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A Little Aloha: Peavey’s Delta Woods® Student Ukulele Brings Big Island Sound in a Small Package

Student Ukulele

It’s a classic scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Clark Griswold peers into his snowy backyard, dreaming of the in-ground pool he wants to install for summer. Gradually, you hear the opening strums of “Mele Kalikimaka” and Bing Crosby’s rich tenor. While the gift of a ukulele might not always induce a daydream of a Hawaiian paradise or a summer poolside retreat, you can rest assured that this little 4-stringed instrument will spark plenty of musical creativity to lift your spirits through the depths of winter.

Who’s it for?
The Peavey Delta Woods® Student Ukulele is an ideal learner instrument for someone just embarking on their musical journey or for those looking for an affordable escape to sunnier sounds.

What exactly makes this a “student” ukulele?
The Delta Woods Student Ukulele is the smaller relative of Peavey’s Delta Woods Series Acoustic Electric Guitars, which are our best-sounding, easiest-playing, full-size acoustic guitars. Designed to be taken anywhere a player goes, the Delta Woods Student Ukulele has a 13.5 inch-scale soprano body with a total length of about 21.5 inches. Unpacked, it weighs just over one pound. The Delta Woods Student Ukulele is priced for students and gift-minded parents as well.

How affordable is it?
Very affordable. At just $89.99, you can keep stashing bills in the “take a real vacation” jar.

What about quality?
Players can rest assured that they are playing a quality instrument, which is readily apparent in materials and build. The neck is reinforced by the composite fingerboard complete with 12 frets and acrylic white dot inlays. Composite also helps reinforce the bridge and die-cast chrome tuning machines help maintain pitch while keeping the body-neck weight ratio proportioned.

But how does it sound?
The Delta Woods Student Ukulele is a small instrument with big tonal character. Peavey makes every square inch of the soprano uke count, with spruce bracing and mahogany top, back, and sides for warm, full sound. The natural matte finish allows the tonewoods to fully resonate, polished off with a simple etched rosette that provides a delicate touch of sophistication. The okume neck provides bright tones and is a quality wood that supports vibrational transfer from neck to body.

Featuring a delightful tone and conveniently compact size, the Peavey Delta Woods Student Ukulele is an ideal gift your loved one will cherish and want to carry with them on all their musical adventures.

Happy Holidays from the Peavey Electronics team!

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