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Ring in the Holidays with the Singer's Showcase Starter Kit - the Ultimate Gift for Aspiring Vocalists!

LN 1063

When all the world’s a stage, you need a personal PA. To make it today you must play live and sound great doing it, anywhere from the corner coffee shop to the church house on the hill. You want to be ready for that next-level opportunity, that Singer’s Showcase moment, and Peavey’s offering stellar savings on everything you need to maximize your talent for minimal money.

“Singer’s Showcase Starter Kit”
1) LN 1063 Column-Array
2) CM1 Microphone
3) PV20 Mic Cable

So, what is the LN 1063 Column-Array?
A compact and lightweight PA that’s incredibly versatile and plenty powerful.

How so?
Packing an impressive 500 watts of mojo to produce 120 dB maximum SPL, it manages to weigh a whopping ten pounds lighter than its nearest competitor. Grab and go on your own in one trip to the hatch-back. Completely self-contained, there are no visible cables in mono operation.

Why is that cool?
It’s perfect for situations where speakers should be heard and not seen.

What’s the speaker sitch?
Tall, sleek, and slender with a bodacious bottom, the LN 1063 column array contains 6 x 2.75" custom drivers for the mid-high speakers and an 8" driver for the subwoofer.

Will it last?
Ready for the road, the quick-attachment design for the satellite speakers features rugged housing, while the sub is lightweight yet durable. (Satellite speaker carry bag included.)

Can it handle everything my act requires?
Where much of the competition skimps, Peavey’s onboard mixer can accommodate up to six audio channels. The LN 1063 features two combo inputs with Guitar Channel selectability, making this the first column array designed specifically for the acoustic guitar performer. Troubadours rejoice as two additional media channels feature stereo 1/4" inputs and streaming audio Bluetooth. It all adds up to plenty of powerful signal capability for a small combo to stretch out on a set, and then pipe in tunes from a cell phone on the break. Use the mix out to connect a second LN 1063 for larger ensembles and environments.

How about microphones?
You need an awesome microphone to faithfully represent your singular sound, and Peavey’s CM1 is up to the task. It’s a handheld condenser mic with a cardioid polar response that delivers every nuance. A built-in shock mount hushes handling noise, making the CM1 ideal for close-range vocal or instrument pickup. A dual-layer pop filter reduces plosives and pesky wind noise. The frequency response is tailored to deliver crystal clarity from 50 Hz to 16 kHz.

Aren’t condenser mics for the studio?
Condenser mics have traditionally ruled the studio but many are too fragile for the stage. Peavey’s CM1’s robust medium format element is designed to deal with sound pressure levels up to 136, so this condenser is robust enough to rock out live!

Does the mic cord matter?
Yes, the cord does matter. Peavey’s PV20 low Z (impedance) mic cable offer quality and reliability at an affordable price. 20 feet of length is the perfect size for personal PA applications—long enough to get where it needs to go, but not so long as to compromise signal integrity.

For those in search of stardom or simply reaching for their own personal heights, get Peavey’s “Singer’s Showcase Starter Kit”

1) LN 1063 Column-Array Personal PA ($799.99)
2) CM1 Microphone ($129.99)
3) PV20 Mic Cable ($22.49)

It’s all affordable right here at holiday time, and hey, what a perfect gift for the performer ready to share their gifts with the world in a happy new year!

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Happy Holidays from the Peavey Electronics team!

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