Budda® Mark Nason MN-100™ Head

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Budda® Mark Nason MN-100™ Head
After initially creating a reputation for producing boutique tone machines, Budda Amplification has now raised the bar for modern multi-channel tube guitar amplifiers by producing possibly the most sophisticated tube guitar amp available. By not compromising on the construction or quality of any parts, we can also ensure that for all its features, the most important thing, tone, is not compromised. And what an array of different tones there are! With three completely independent channels, a tube driven preamp boost, real spring reverb as well as the patent pending 'PowerPan' tube to solid state rectification control, this amp is a tone chasers dream. Not only that, but with the flexibility of the 3 effects loops as well as footswitch and MIDI control, this amp will also prove itself to be up to the tasks of modern guitarists who need their amp head to be the center piece of a larger system. Whichever your requirements; authentic tone or modern flexibility; this amp will deliver. The natural character of leather allows for inconsistent textures and markings. Please do not consider these imperfections as flaws, but as details adding to your one of a kind look!

  • 3 channels, clean, rhythm and lead
  • Five 12AX7 preamp tubes used in three completely independent channels
  • One 12AX7 tube used in tube-driven stomp box style Over-Boost circuit
  • One 12AX7 tube used as the phase splitter driving the power amp
  • Four EL34 power amp tubes and convertible to use four 6L6 tubes
  • LED indication of correct output tube biasing
  • Two 5U4 rectifier tubes convertible to use 5AR4/GZ34 tubes
  • Unique PowerPan control allows panning between solid state and tube rectification
  • Power amp can use 6L6Gc or EL34 tubes (plus KT66, KT88 5881 and 6CA7 with re-biasing)
  • Rectifier can use 5U4, 5A4 or GZ34 tubes
  • Custom Italian leather covering by Mark Nason
  • Full / Half Power switch
  • Independent preamp EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble), Presence and Resonance controls per channel
  • Silent LDR MIDI channel switching
  • High quality audio grade resistors and poly caps throughout
  • Three effects loops with independent Send and Mix controls and Channel or Global options
  • Real spring reverb with separate Reverb level control per channel
  • Footswitchable Master Boost with user defined boost level
  • Slave Out and Preamp Out/Power Amp In link jacks
  • Massive custom designed output transformer
  • Overboost stompbox style lead boost on each channel
  • Slave output/Power amp input
  • Cabinet impedance switch (4, 8 or 16 Ohms)
  • Heavy duty Power and Standby toggle switches
  • High and low level 1/4 inputs
  • Ceramic tube sockets
  • Specially designed 10-button multi-function footcontroller (included)
  • Stores 9 custom presets, and provides extensive MIDI control for automation
  • 120 watts into 16, 8 or 4 ohms with half-power switch
  • Unpacked Weight: N/A
  • Packed Weight: 72lbs (32.66kg)
  • Packed Height: 15 in
  • Packed Width: 19.25 in
  • Packed Depth: 33.25 in

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MN-100 Manual (English)
MN-100 Manual (Japanese)

Review: PAUL MORETTO Submitted: 1/30/2021

Overall5 out of 5 stars.


The amp has lots of head room

What is your opinion of this product?

The amp MN-100 has lots of head room. I went to NAMM and found that this amp sounds great on all three configurations. In my opinion, this amp is great with pedals. I run Eventide GTR4000, H7600, H8000 and H9000 in my rack. It's great in large, open/or closed places. This amp is not a muddy amp. It's great for rock. This amp is for studio or live only.
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