Winter NAMM: Peavey XR Powered Mixing Consoles Feature DSP & More

Peavey XR Powered Mixing Consoles

ANAHEIM, Calif. Peavey proudly introduces two new mixers to the renowned Peavey XR Series powered-mixer line, the XR 1220 console and rack-mountable XR 1212, featuring patented Peavey technology and extensive digital signal processing.

The new XR 1220 and XR 1212 are based on dual 600-watt, class D power amplifiers that can be configured into five operating modes: Left Right; Left Right with Subwoofer; Main Monitor; Main Monitor with Subwoofer; and Monitor 1 and Monitor 2. The power amps deliver 600 watts to each side in all modes, and those modes with subwoofer option have a built-in fourth-order crossover that sends all frequencies below 100 Hz to the subwoofer line output.
Each standard channel includes an XLR input and ¼' line input, as well as a ¼' channel insert, gain adjustment, 80 Hz low-cut switch, two monitor sends, EFX send, and low, mid low, high and Peavey's proprietary Mid-Morph equalization controls. Mid-Morph improves the sound no matter which direction the knob is turned, pulling out harsh mid frequencies when the knob is cut and adding crispness when boosted.
The master section features digital nine-band graphic EQ for both output amplifiers, with a built-in Real-Time Analyzer that analyzes the room and sets the EQ curves automatically when a microphone is connected to its XLR input. The master section also includes Peavey's exclusive Feedback Ferret digital feedback elimination and a digital effects section that includes a range of reverbs, delays and chorus with preset storage. The dual auto-EQ and Feedback Ferret can be assigned to two outputs—left and right, main and monitor, and monitor 1 and 2.
Feedback Ferret applies sophisticated, narrow 'smart' filters that find, lock and suppress offending frequencies through virtually instantaneous notching with incremental attenuation to eliminate the feedback. The algorithm continuously checks and rechecks the problem frequencies and then releases the filters when it no longer detects feedback.
Peavey's new XR Series powered mixers will be available from authorized Peavey retailers in Q2 2009.
XR 1220 and XR 1212
  • 20 XLR mic channels on XR 1220; 12 XLR mic channels on XR 1212
  • Dual 600-watt, lightweight Class D amps (4 ohms)
  • Digital nine-band GEQ
  • Feedback Ferret digital feedback elimination
  • Four-band EQ on every input channel, including Mid-Morph asymmetrical mid control
  • Digital EFX processor with tap delay, parallel reverb/delay, user-preset storage
  • Two monitor sends
  • Real-Time Analyzer with Auto EQ setting
  • Dedicated effect return fader
  • Two Neutrik Speakon and 1/4' combo connector per amplifier
  • 18.4 lbs. for XR 1212; 25 lbs. for XR 1220
  • U.S. MSRP $999.99 for XR 1212; $1199.99 for XR 1220