Peavey Electronics Corporation Enlists Plek for Production of Composite Acoustics Guitars

Peavey Electronics Corporation Enlists Plek

Composite Acoustics, a division ofPeavey Electronics Corporation, is proud to announce the acquisition of aPlekPromachine to aid in the production of its premium carbon fiber acoustic guitars manufactured in Meridian, Miss.

Composite Acoustics aim is to revolutionize the acoustic guitar market with the introduction of instruments built entirely from composite materials. The guitars feature stunning carbon fiber weave soundboards, impressive volume, incredible tonal clarity and chiming sustain.

A significant benefit of carbon fiber guitars is their ability to withstand extreme variations in climate conditions. This means that even in intensely hot or humid conditions, the instruments will stay in tune longer than traditional wooden guitars while also retaining their precise setup, saidCourtland Gray, Chief Operating Officer of Peavey Electronics Corp.

Carbon fiber, however, is a notoriously difficult material to work with during the manufacturing process. The advanced technology the Plek
Promachine offers makes it possible to precisely determine fingerboard and fret relief, implement compound radius, falloff and target action in complete accordance with manufacturer's specifications. The absence of a truss rod in the guitars presents no difficulty to the PlekPro, as it is able to simulate string tension while planing the neck.

With the combination of innovative material qualities and the accuracy of the Plek
Pro machine, Composite Acoustics continues to set new standards in playability in the world of carbon fiber instruments directly from its production and finishing plant in Meridian, Miss.

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