Peavey Sponsors WimBash Music Festival with Donation for Aspiring Musicians

Peavey Sponsors WimBash Music Festival with Donation for Aspiring Musicians

Peavey Electronics showed its support of the recently held WimBash Music Festival in New Haven, Connecticut by donating $13,000 worth of musical instruments that will be distributed to music programs at under-served schools throughout the area.

The WimBash New Haven Music Festival is the 53rd festival of the series founded in 2004 by musician Doug Wimbish, bassist for the GRAMMY Award-winning band Living Colour. The festival's vision is to bestow the passion, culture, integrity and soul of music to thousands of students in need, giving back to the community and making a difference in inner-city school music programs. Wimbish, a native of Hartford, Conn., is the driving force behind the festival and developed its motto: It only takes a moment to give that spark to a kid.

The festival took place on August 18, 2018 at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park in New Haven. It was supported through sponsorships, volunteers, and donations, with free admission to all. According to WimBash organizers, sponsors recognize that the classroom is where many musicians discover their talent and passion, and eventually decide to pursue music as a career. For over 50 years, Peavey has helped create products that give a path for new musicians to experience the joys of playing music and for shaping the way music sounds. Peavey is proud to participate and influence the way music is taught in the greater New Haven schools. Doug Wimbish and the WimBash Music Festival Series are grateful and thrilled to have such sponsors on board to help achieve their objectives of helping aspiring young musicians.

Not only have my sponsors contributed to my 45-year career in the music industry, but they are all close, personal friends, sharing a collective vision and passion to teach and empower the next generation of young musicians, said Doug Wimbish.

Reflecting on the WimBash New Haven Music Festival's mission, Peavey founder and CEO Hartley Peavey commented, The wonderful thing about music is that it is all about passion. The musical gear donated by Peavey, including acoustic guitars, guitar amplifiers, electric bass guitars, and keyboard amplifiers, will help young students explore their passion and continue their musical journey.

Passion and creativity were evident on the WimBash festival stage with more than a dozen acts delighting audiences of all ages. World-renowned producer and mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge hosted, with a full lineup that included Brandon Taz Niederauer of Broadway's School of Rock, Funky Dawgz Brass Band, The Doobie Powell Band, Unlocking The Truth, Raghav Mehrotra, Marcus Machado, Jen Durkin's Soul Power, Matter, Reece Malone, Kyle Ward, Sound Beacon, Tears Fall Down, Mystic Seahorse, The Pete Lucibelli Band and DJ Marc Mecca. Doug Wimbish also performed with Living Colour's Corey Glover and Will Calhoun.

Although this year's WimBash New Haven Music Festival has passed, the mission continues throughout the year. The event's GoFundMe page, which enables remote donations, is still active and halfway to its goal. Visit to make a contribution.