Factory Repair FAQ

1. How do I contact the factory?
    PHONE: 877-732-8391(toll free) and ask for repair assistance.
    E-MAIL: [email protected]
    FAX: 601-486-1361
2. Do I need a RA (return authorization)?
Peavey Electronics does not require RA's when returning equipment for repair. Just attach a note to the unit containing the info stated below.

3. What info do I include?
The return address must be a street address (P.O. Boxes are not acceptable).
Contact person and a daytime phone number.
The serial number and a copy of the sales receipt (if under warranty).
List special instructions. Examples: "Call with an estimate," or "return address is different from the address listed on the shipping label."
List any items included with the unit being returned. Example: "Please find one chassis with footswitch."

4. What is the shipping address for repairs?
Peavey Service Center
Attn: Repair
710 A Street
Meridian, MS 39301

*Please be sure to specify ATTN: REPAIR on any packages or labels 5. How do I ship?
Package the unit in a box with adequate packing material to insulate it from possible freight damage.
We ship and receive packages via UPS and FedEX.

6. What should be on the outside of the box?
The return shipping address and the Peavey Service Center address clearly stating ATTN: REPAIR.

7. What about insurance?
Insure the contents for the full replacement cost should any damages occur.

8. Who pays for the freight?
Non-warranty: The purchaser assumes responsibility for freight to and from the factory.
Warranty: The purchaser assumes responsibility for freight to the factory. Peavey Electronics will return at our expense.

9. How do I get an estimate on the repair cost?

First, reliable estimates cannot be given unless we have the unit in hand. To receive the estimate, include in your note a request for the estimate and a daytime phone number.

10. Who do I call to check the status of a repair?

See #1 above.

11. About how long will it take?
Repair time varies but we strive to provide a two-week turnaround(not including shipping time).

12. How can I find out if my Peavey product is in warranty?
Have the serial number handy and call (601) 483-5365 and ask for Customer Service or visit the Peavey E-Mail Center

13. How do I get my unit back? Each unit is shipped back to the address listed on the shipping label or the address listed in the special instructions.
We ship back using UPS Standard Ground unless specified otherwise in the special instructions.
Billing, for the repair and freight charges, can be applied to a credit card or returned C.O.D.