Trace Elliot® 2x8 Speaker Cabinet

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Product Description

Trace Elliot® 2x8 Speaker Cabinet
Destined to be an instant classic, the Trace Elliot® ELF 2x8 cabinet provides pristine, full-range bass reproduction in a small, lightweight package. The 2x8 cab features two 8" Faital drivers and includes dual parallel input jacks, so using two cabinets with the ELF is easy. Designed to complement Trace Elliot's revolutionary 200W rms ELF amplifier, the durable painted cabinet also features an indention on the top that fits the ELF perfectly, keeping the amplifier in place. The recessed top handle doubles as a convenient way to route the speaker cables.

  • Pristine full-range bass reproduction
  • Two 8, 8 Ohm high efficiency neodymium full-range drivers
  • 400W (rms) power handling
  • Durable painted cab
  • Dual paralleled Speakon/phono combo input jacks
  • Recessed top rear handle
  • Built-in cradle for ELF bass amp
  • Heavy duty metal grille
  • Weight Unpacked: 27lbs (29.2kg)
  • Width Unpacked:10.3"
  • Height Unpacked: 21.2"
  • Depth Unpacked:12.3"

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Q & A
George from Wichita KS

Subject: Elf speaker mixing
Discussion: I purchased the Elf head to test and am very happy. I going to purchase the 2x8 cabinet to start however I’m curious about adding the 1x10 as well. I’m thinking the 2x8 is going to clean an punchy. Maybe the 10 would fatten up the bottom end. Or am I better off pairing 2x8s Peavey Response: We have customers who pair up both 2x8 and 110s together. We like them either way.