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Transformer PC Editor Software

System Requirements:
Windows 95 or later, MIDI breakout cable for game port or dedicated MIDI port (via USB, serial, parallel, ISA, etc.) Connect the PC's MIDI out to the Transformer's MIDI in, and vice versa. (PFC4 footswitch must be disconnected.)

This program will allow you to store a plethora of Transformer 112/212 presets on your computer, and also edit those presets visually - including a few parameters that are not available on the amp's interface. Some others are available in the amp's "tweak" modes, but it's easier to manipulate those from the program. For example, cabinet swapping is available as a tweak, but you are more likely to experiement with it using this program.

This program is a standalone EXE (< 1MB) that will create a single .INI file in its own folder. No install program, no DLL's, no registry changes.

Make a folder for the program to reside (e.g. C:\TFormer\) and extract the files to it. Run the program from there, and/or create a shortcut (right click on TFormer.exe and select COPY, then go to your desktop, right click and select PASTE SHORTCUT).

The program uses .SYX as the extension for files. You may want to associate these with the program. You can shift+right click on a .SYX file (samples are in the zip) and select OPEN WITH, then browse for the TFormer exe and check the "Always use this program" box before hitting OK. Or create the file type with your folder options if you're comfortable with that.

Download version 2 -

The zip contains the executable, a ReadMe.txt for usage information, and sample presets - including the v1.4 factory set, the v1.5 factory set (more volume, better balance), and several presets written during the development of the Editor.


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