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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Fuel Live Shows with Peavey

Scary Kids Scaring Kids may have stolen their name from an obscure hardcore punk song, but they earned it honestly along the way."Our shows just got insane," says drummer Peter Costa, recalling the emo-metal band's reckless early performances, which usually ended in chaos as they smashed their instruments and lit them ablaze. "I remember one time we almost set a basement club on fire!"Luckily for fans and unsuspecting club patrons, now Scary Kids Scaring Kids relies on guitarist Steve Kirby's searing metal licks to set their live shows on fire. Fueled by his Peavey Rotor guitar and Peavey Triple XXX amp tones, the band is touring in support of its debut full-length—titled The City Sleeps in Flames without a trace of irony—with Mest, Paramore, Funeral for a Friend and other punk mainstays."My very first amp was a small Peavey combo amp and I've been using Peavey ever since," Kirby raves. "For this album I used my Triple XXX, and now I'm using a Rotor, which is a great metal guitar. Without a doubt, the shape and the tone [made me] fall in love with it. The Rotor squeals like no other and was definitely born to shred."

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