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Chapter 1 - How This All Came About
What did World War II have to do with the Rock & Roll Revolution? And who really invented the overdriven guitar amplifier? Hartley Peavey takes us all to school on the colorful history of modern music in his first white paper, "How This All Came About".


Chapter 2 - The Weakest Link
The decade was the '70s, and we had a problem. Our new CS power amplifiers were producing unprecedented volume levels, but we couldn't find loudspeakers that could handle this newfound power. Read on to find out what we did, and learn how you can save your own sound system by protecting "The Weakest Link" in the audio chain.

Chapter 3 - TransTube®
Tube amplifier tone comes from a complicated series of events. Hartley Peavey isolated the five main ingredients needed to recreate realistic tube tone and devised TransTube®, an analog technology so exclusive that it's covered by three U.S. patents and guarded like Fort Knox. But just how good does it sound? Good enough to fool most music biz "golden ears," for starters. Read this Hartley Peavey white paper, and then plug into a Peavey TransTube or Vypyr® series guitar amp and hear the sound of innovation.


Chapter 4 - Can an amp put out more power than a "wall socket" can deliver?
Can an amp put out more power than a "wall socket" can deliver? Hartley Peavey does the math and discusses the difference between peak power and continuous power in this installment of "The Peavey Papers."


Chapter 5 - The Ancient Order of the Mystic Magnetic Pickup
Although magnetic pickups seem to be shrouded in mystery, understanding how they work is simply a matter of examining the science behind them. In the fifth installment of the Peavey Papers, Hartley Peavey pulls back the curtain to reveal the secrets of "The Ancient Order of the Mystic Magnetic Pickup."


Chapter 6 - Standby...For The Truth
Standby... For The Truth! In the sixth installment of "The Peavey Papers," Hartley Peavey takes an in-depth look at the guitar amplifier "standby" switch and reveals its surprising true purpose.


Chapter 7 - Speakers are Important In or Out of the Circuit
Most guitar players have heard that operating a tube type guitar amp without a speaker plugged in can cause problems, but few understand WHY. Hartley Peavey explains why speakers are important in or out of the circuit.


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