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Music Retailers Tour Peavey Custom Shop During Dealerwise Seminar

PEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS—Peavey surprised its recent Dealerwise Seminar attendees with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Peavey Custom Shop, home to the USA-crafted HP Signature, HP Special and Omniac guitars, and Cirrus basses."Building guitars is a science, but one with art," founder and CEO Hartley Peavey told the group. "When I set out to build guitars using computers, people said I was crazy. All my life I've been told 'you can't do that.' Anything in life that is truly worthwhile is tough. That's why we set out to build the best guitars right here where blues and rock & roll started: Mississippi."Peavey revolutionized guitar making in the 1970s with its T-60, the first guitar made using CNC computer-controlled machinery. The T-60 bridged the gap between the vintage and modern eras in guitars, and twenty-eight years later the musical instrument and sound equipment giant's guitar manufacturing innovations have become industry standards. Today, Peavey is moving further into high-end instruments than ever."Too many people in our industry are focused on recreating the glories of the past instead of focusing on the future," Peavey added. "There are people who actually believe that guitars made in the '50s are the best that will ever be made, but I refuse to accept that. I think the best guitars have yet to be built—but I hope that when they are, they have a Peavey logo on them."Peavey also explained that the adage "you get what you pay for" is only true if you assume that all factors going into designing and producing a product are the same. Peavey is unlike any company in the music and pro sound industry, because it does not answer to outside investors or board of directors. As sole owner, Hartley Peavey is free to pursue the best product designs and highest quality without compromising. It's a sentiment that many of the thirty-eight independent retailers in attendance echoed.Peavey is ramping up its Custom Shop production due to overwhelming demand from customers, and will launch its online interface later in 2006. Customers can now order custom Peavey instruments through their local retailers or by calling 866-443-2333. Visit to view a QuickTime tour of the Peavey Custom Shop by Hartley Peavey himself, courtesy of the Turner South network.Peavey began hosting its popular dealer seminars in 1975 to cultivate a thorough understanding of Peavey products, as well as sales and service, within its sales force. The Peavey Dealerwise program is the longest-running educational seminar in the music products industry.Professional artists playing Peavey musical instruments include Chimaira, Duran Duran, David Ellefson, Bo Bice, Atomship, Soulfly, Presence, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Paramore, Kenny Vaughan, Bomshel, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Megan Mullins, Son Volt, Chris Rodriguez and many others.

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