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Summer NAMM: Peavey Announces Combo Version of Acclaimed Penta Guitar Amp

AUSTIN, Texas (Summer 2006 NAMM exhibit #1746) — Peavey proudly introduces the Penta 212, a single-channel tube combo amp based on its acclaimed Penta guitar amplifier. Like its predecessor, the 70-watt Penta 212 reconfigures a single amplifier channel for five completely different gain/EQ voicings—but now features reverb and an effects loop in a 2x12 combo configuration.The heart and soul of the Penta is the Pentatone, a five-position "personality" switch that selects between five distinct gain/EQ structures. By actually reconfiguring dozens of components at each of its five positions, the Pentatone delivers five completely unique, all-tube amplifiers in a single chassis. Using two matched EL34s with a four-12AX7 preamp/drive section fitted into ceramic sockets, the Pentatone creates five fully individual tonescapes that players can mold to their own tonal tastes using the Penta's low, mid and high EQ, presence and gain controls.Each setting on the Pentatone is identified by an icon—a star, cactus, bull, tree and mudflap girl—with no descriptive words to color the player's imagination. Exploring the Pentatone is part of the fun, and what it reveals will amaze even the most seasoned players. While there are no exact clones of any revered amplifier models in the Penta, each voicing is rooted in a different vintage tone, and the Pentatone reveals these warm, raging and meaty tube tones with no frills or knob twidling to hinder players. The Penta is a straight-up plug-&-play guitar experience.Very few boutique amps allow for channel switching, let alone a switching system as versatile or innovative as on the Penta. It's simple: a second Pentatone switch located on the rear of the chassis allows assignment of a secondary voicing, and the single-button footswitch lets you toggle between the two settings. Players get to decide which tones they toggle between, and they can assign them on the fly.The Peavey Penta 212 guitar amplifier will be available from authorized Peavey retailers in Q4 2006.Praise for the Penta"Even at whisper volumes the tough, brutish tones made me feel like I was being whacked in the midsection by a 2x4." —Guitar Player, March 2006"A virtual history of amp tone is available with the spin of a knob." —Guitar One, December 2005"The Penta continues the Peavey tradition of giving players more than they pay for, utilizing only the finest components and delivering astounding sound quality. Its immediate response, boutique sonic textures and focused gain are a thrilling avenue to phenomenal country, blues and rock tones."—Guitar World, May 2006"Like having a two-channel amp—albeit a very flexible one, thanks to the myriad voicing options the two 5-way selectors provide." —Guitar Player, March 2006Features· 70 watts RMS to 16, 8 or 4 ohms (switchable)· Two 12" Penta 75 speakers in a closed-back, ported cabinet· Two matched EL34 tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes· Gain control and master volume· Three-band EQ· Presence and reverb· Pentatone controls five selectable EQ/gain voicings· Custom power and output transformers· Ceramic tube sockets· Effects loop· Single-button footswitch

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