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Winter NAMM: Kosmos V2 Enhances Sub & Spatial Sonics

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Peavey proudly introduces the Kosmos V2 live and recording audio processor, the next-generation subharmonic and stereo image enhancement system from Peavey.Combining the most popular features from the acclaimed Peavey Kosmos Pro and original Kosmos processors, the new Kosmos V2 drastically improves the listening experience in any space with any sound system. Kosmos is a dynamic phasing technology that manipulates low and high frequencies to deepen bass and widen highs through phasing rather than equalization, and helps mask the comb-filtering problems common in live sound productions.The Kosmos V2 features front-panel rotary controls for adjusting the parameters and levels of Kosmos processing. Subharmonics has a special Low Damping button that adjusts the "tightness" of the low bass. The Cut Sub From Mains switch directs the low-frequency energy to the subwoofers only. Subwoofer control sets the level of sub in the mix, and features a Crossover Disable switch. Low Freq and High Freq adjust their respective frequency ranges.Noted producers Kevin Shirley, Jim Wirt and Ryan Greene, as well as bassists Bootsy Collins, Mike Kroeger (Nickelback) and Traa (P.O.D.) are among a growing legion of enthusiastic Kosmos endorsers that are finding this technology useful for individual instruments and full mixes in studio and live performances."When you stand in front of an amplifier, you get this great 'thump' from the bottom end of the cabinet," explained Shirley regarding his use of Kosmos on a recent project for Led Zeppelin. "I used the Kosmos to create the sort of psycho-acoustic sensation you might get from being in close proximity to the amplifier cabinet. It enlarges the stereo image and creates extra bass."The Peavey Kosmos V2 is available now from authorized Peavey retailers.Features· Subharmonics, Low Freq, High Freq, Output Level and Sub Output Level· Damping control· Crossover Disable· Cut Subs From Main switch· Dual XLR and ¼" TRS I/O· Mono Sum switch on outputs· TRS-balanced Sub output· Single rack space

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