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Summer NAMM: Peavey Distro Solves Sound Reinforcement Power Needs

AUSTIN, Texas — The new Peavey Distro, an exclusive, high-current power transport system, makes delivering energy to multi-amplifier sound reinforcement systems as easy as inserting a plug into a socket.The Distro is a two-rack-space unit that provides up to 100 amps at 120 volts from a NEMA 14-50 plug. By dividing the current into six 15/20-amp services, each with a heavy-duty Edison socket and magnetic circuit breaker, the Distro allows users to permanently wire their amplifiers and outboard gear while providing plenty of power to run backline and front of house. Since the Distro can be mounted inside a standard rack case, it allows users to run a clean, simple stage setup without the messy cable routing caused by external power supplies. The Distro also greatly reduces hum and increases ground safety by putting the entire system on the same breaker.The Peavey Distro is available now from authorized Peavey retailers.Features· Six 20-amp power services 120 volts (100 amps maximum – NEC)· Six 15/20-amp Edison sockets with dual plugs· Magnetic circuit breaker on each power service· Two rack spaces· Terminates in standard NEMA 14-50 plug· U.S. MSRP $ 599.99

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