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'Best of CES' RiffMaster Guitar Videogame Controller Now Customizable Online

PEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS — The new Peavey AG RiffMaster guitar videogame controller is a certified hit of the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, the annual international gathering of new technology in Las Vegas, landing everywhere from gamers' blogs to best-of lists such as ESPN's "Easy Points: The Best of CES."Crafted from a real-wood, life-size Peavey guitar and modified for play with guitar-based music videogames on the Playstation2 computer entertainment system, the Peavey AG RiffMaster guitar controller features the sleek finish, dimensions and feel of a real Peavey guitar to provide a truly authentic music videogame experience. Consumers can now design one-of-a-kind Peavey AG RiffMaster guitar game controllers with their own JPG images or graphics online.The Peavey AG RiffMaster guitar neck features five colored fret buttons placed among real frets on a genuine rosewood fretboard, with the familiar strum bar and whammy bar mounted to a basswood body. Consumers can choose from a bank of 20 custom designs, including exclusive artist designs from iconic rock artists such as KISS, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy Osbourne and Megadeth, or upload their own JPG image to the Custom Graphics portal at and design a one-of-a-kind RiffMaster."[The] Peavey RiffMaster guitar [is] a real guitar that's been unstrung and fitted with the guts of a Guitar Hero controller so that it has all of the functionality needed to rock out in the PS2 version of the game," said ESPN Video Game Analyst Aaron Boulding. "The extra layer of realism helps a lot when you want to get into your rock stance and get serious with your ‘guitaraoke.'" News organizations CNN, CNBC, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Stuff and Wired, as well as cable networks G4 and Spike TV's "Game Trailers," also featured the Peavey AG RiffMaster in their CES coverage."The influence of the hit game Guitar Hero is evident on the floor here," wrote CNN Producer Matt West in his CNN Marquee blog. "In fact, Peavey — well known as a leader in the music world for their amps and guitars — is showing off their own Peavey branded Guitar Hero controller. As a musician, one of the most challenging aspect[s] of playing Guitar Hero is that it's nothing like playing guitar. Peavey's controller is attempting to bridge the gap between gamers and guitarists by offering a full-size fretboard."Once a consumer chooses an artwork design or uploads an image, Peavey will then bring the design to life using the same patented ArtGuitar printing technique that applies custom images and graphics to real, high-end guitars in the Peavey Custom Shop.More information is available at

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