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Latest Issue of Total Guitar Magazine Reviews the Peavey 6505 + 112 Combo Amp

Total Guitar Magazine Profiles the Peavey 6505 + 112 Combo Amp

Don't miss an in-depth review of the Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo Amplifier in the new issue of Total Guitar Magazine (TG Issue 205) on news stands in the UK this month and the U.S. next month. We can't share what the editor thought with you here, but a let's just say we are having trouble prying the amp out of his hands. Pick up your copy of Total Guitar today to read it.

What we can share with you is this great audio test drive that Total Guitar has just posted on their Website listen to the 6505 + 112 Combo in action here:

More about the 6505 + 112 Combo Amp

After forging the sound of aggression for more than 15 years, Peavey released the highly respected, high-gain 6505 Series amplifier with the 1x12 combo-amp configuration last year. The configuration harnesses the full gain and legendary tone of the Peavey 6505 Series, which since 1991 has defined the sounds of extreme rock guitar, into a format that is equally suited to clubs, rehearsal rooms and studios.

Rebate Offer

For a limited time only, a free footswitch is being offered to customers buying the Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo in the U.S. Click on the link below for more details.

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