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Trace Acoustic TA-300 Amplifier Scores Perfect 5-Star Review

Trace Elliot has scored a perfect five-star ranking for its Trace Acoustic TA-300 acoustic guitar amplifier in a new review by Acoustic magazine.

If you need a good monitor sound, effective P.A., incredible definition in your tone, and live performance wow factor, the TA-300 amp is for you, writes Russell Welton in the May 2011 issue ofAcoustic, a U.K.-based publication. These are high-quality products designed with integrity and made with performance acumen in mind. You cant fail to be impressed.

Designed in the U.K. and made in the U.S.A., the Trace Acoustic TA-300 amplifier rated a perfect five stars in all categories of review, from Build Quality to Sound Quality to Value for Money. Welton lauded the amplifiers renowned studio-quality sound reproduction, exclusive features, genius design considerations, onboard effects, clean power and overall performance.

The first things that grab you are … its clarity, power, well-rounded-out definition and harmonically rich brightness, he writes. It is a studio quality-sound straight off the bat. Overall, this would be a sound engineers dream to mix and an artists joy to use.

Trace Elliot revolutionized the world of acoustic instrumentation with its original TA Series more than two decades ago. The new TA-300, TA-200 and TA-100 amplifiers bring studio-quality acoustic reproduction to the stage through designs that incorporate very high-impedance (piezo pickup) inputs, notch filters, phantom power and Dynamic Correction, a unique circuitry that reproduces the sparkling top end of an acoustic instrument without relying on high-frequency horns (which can produce harsh, unwanted overtones). These amplifiers also feature Trace Elliots signature Shape circuit and built-in auto-compressor on each channel, as well as customizable DSP effects with parameter and setting adjustment with separate reverbs that can be assigned to each channel.

Please visit for a video demo of the TA Series. The TA Series is available now from authorized Trace Elliot dealers.

Featured on All TA Series Amplifiers:

  • Built in auto-compressor on all channels
  • Signal level LED on all channels
  • Shape switch for instant EQd sound on all channels (footswitchable on Channel 1)
  • Footswitchable Phase switch on all channels
  • Effect Parameter and Setting rotary encoders
  • Allows for separate levels of Reverb to be applied to each channel
  • Tap tempo (from either front panel or footswitch)
  • FLS Feedback Locating System on each band of EQ using LEDs to indicate where feedback is occurring
  • Master Volume and Mute switch (footswitchable) that mutes all outputs except Tuner Out
  • Tuner output, Left and Right Preamp Outputs and Power Amp Inputs (to use as effects loop)
  • Two DI outputs; can be configured as dry Channel 1 and Channel 2 out, or processed Left and Right channels out
  • Illumination switch for turning front panel lights on or off
  • Power amp featuring Dynamic Correction
  • Designed in the U.K. and made in the U.S.A.

TA-300 Features:

  • Two preamp channels with 300 watts total power output
  • 2 x 5 specially designed neodymium Celestion speakers and 1 x 12 G12 Century Vintage neodymium Celestion speaker
  • 1/4 jack input with piezo switch for ultra-high impedance input stage on Channel 1
  • Combination balanced XLR and 1/4 jack input with phantom power switch on Channel 2
  • Lo-Trim Hi-Trim rotary controls on Channel 1
  • Gain Notch filter rotary controls on both Channels
  • Channel 1 can also have either Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, or various delays including stereo Ping Pong
  • Six-band graphic EQ
  • Custom-fitted ballistic nylonprotective cover included
  • U.S. MSRP $1,999.99

About Trace Elliot

Regarded as the first true specialty bass amplifier manufacturer, Trace Elliot established operation in the U.K. during the 1970s and expanded to acoustic guitar amplification in the 1980s. Musicians and retailers throughout the world laud Trace Elliot's unique circuitry and unmistakable performance and are used by some of the worlds most respected players. The current list of artist endorsers includes Mike Kroeger of Nickelback, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Monte Montgomery, Doug Wimbish of Living Colour, Dominic Aitchison of Mogwai, and Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev. Trace Elliot is distributed throughout North America and Europe by Peavey Electronics. To find out more, visit

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