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Peavey Electronics Announces Signature Role at Mobile Beat Las Vegas

Peavey Electronics today announces their collaboration with Mobile Beat Las Vegas (MBLV) as a signature level sponsor for the DJ Takeover on March 14. This event merges Peaveys extensive DJ line of mixers and sound reinforcement, including the new RBN Series and Dark Matter speaker enclosures, with MBLV, a long-running showcase for the latest trends in electronic music. Peavey artists Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy, The Bomb Squad), and DJ PonFetti will be hosting the DJ Takeover, and also perform live with DJ Journey in this outdoor event, being held poolside at the iconic Tropicana Hotel with additional promotion from Jgermeister and Omez Lighting.
Partnering with Mobile Beat Las Vegas is a natural progression for Peavey Electronics, who have been designing and building portable enclosures, mixers and microphones for decades. The trade show is also a platform for new product releases, and Peavey is pleased to announce that Keith Shocklee and DJ PonFetti will appear daily in the Peavey Electronics exhibit, showcasing Peaveys latest line of speakers the RBN Series and Dark Matter enclosures.
The new RBN Series and Dark Matter series of enclosures encapsulate the innovative design and sonic distinction consistent in all of Peaveys products. With the RBN Series, Peavey developed a way to apply the high-quality sound technology of ribbon drivers to live applications, resulting in a crystal-clear sound that no traditional compression driver can rival. The RBN series includes the RBN 110, RBN 112, RBN 118 subwoofer and RBN 215 subwoofer.
Thanks to their advanced DSP-equipped power section, the high-S.P.L. Dark Matter enclosures deliver best-in-class performance. Dark Matter enclosures feature modern styling and are available in four models: the DM 112, DM 115, DM 118 subwoofer and DM 115 subwoofer.
For over five decades, Peavey has blazed its own path toward musical perfection. Founded by Hartley Peavey in 1965 as a one-man shop, today Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest makers and suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers and professional audio systems in the worlddistributing more than 2,000 products to more than 130 countries.
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