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Peavey Electronics Receives Recognition from Multinational Software Co. Red Hat

Multinational open-source software company Red Hat recognizes that Peavey is at the forefront of both the music industry and business commerce. Thats why they chose to feature Peavey as a Red Hat Success Story.
In order to optimize their database, Peavey upgraded and expanded their analytical platform. Using Red Hat products and services, Peavey implemented SAP BusinessObjects and an SAP HANA information system with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. By switching our database to SAP HANA running on a Red Hat platform, our reporting speed increased dramatically said Peavey COO Courtland Gray. With the high availability of the NEC appliance we no longer needed to ration access across the system. Peavey sales associates have instant access and Peavey dealers can log in and place orders with confidence for immediacy and customer satisfaction, and Peavey Electronics increases productivity.
For over 50 years, founder and CEO Hartley Peavey and his team have provided the best in musical instruments and professional sound equipment. Theyve done it by moving forward, looking toward the future, and utilizing the latest in technology and communication systems for continued growth.
Learn more about Peaveys Red Hat Success Story here:
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