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Peavey Adds DJ PonFetti to Artist Roster

Peavey Electronics announces the addition of club and mobile DJ Michele Ponseti AKA DJ PonFetti to their artist roster. She was introduced to Peavey systems by her mentor, producer and DJ Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy, The Bomb Squad), and began mixing using the Peavey PV 118D sub and PV 115. She now relies on the Peavey Dark Matter series DM 115 Speakers and 115 Subs to give her mixes the power and fidelity they need.
A longtime mixing aficionado, DJ PonFettibegan her career as a hip-hop DJ in Lynchburg, Virginia, in 2013. Now based in Virginia Beach, her mixes have diversified to include hip-hop, RB, Top 40, and more. In addition to headline gigs, she mixes for nightclubs, schools, fashion shows, and music festivals. She was a featured performer for Peavey Electronics at the 2015 DJ Expo in Atlantic City, performing on the DJ Times main stage and at the Peavey Electronics booth.
The ultra-reliable Dark Matter series enclosures are built tough with steel grilles and rugged injection molded cabinets. Their convenient design allows for use as floor monitors or pole-mounted speakers. Perfect for DJs, bands and other musical applications, the Dark Matter enclosures produce best-in-class crystal-clear, professional audio. The Dark Matter LCD display and associated selector knob allow users to choose various parameters of operation for the DSP-based EQ. This includes bass and treble control access, as well as multiple EQ presets for various applications or speaker positions/locations. These presets provide users with a highly flexible method of configuring and optimizing the powered speaker system for a specific use with minimal time and effort.
I chose Peavey when I was first started out because they were one of the few systems I heard all positive feedback on and were still at a good price. I've been happy with their product and stuck with them when I upgraded and added onto my original set. DJ PonFetti
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