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Peavey Sponsors 2016 Youth DJ Battle

Peavey Electronics is sponsoring the 2nd annual 2016 Skratchpad DJ Youth Battle Saturday, December 17 at the Chai Bar located at 1019 Market Street in San Francisco. Participating age range for the competitors is 19 years old and younger featuring a special performance by L.A.s very own Image From the Wood the 2015 DMC World Supremacy Champion. The event will start at 3:30PM and go until 8PM. All ages are welcome.
Peaveys FX2 16 mixer will be used during the performances for live mixing. The FX2 Series mixers feature new, Peavey-exclusive technology to enhance live sound reproductions by allowing very high gain with low noise and distortion for crystal-clear signal reproduction. The mixer includes dual DSP engines that allow multiple simultaneous effects assignable to any channel via aux 5/6. Also featured are dual USB 2.0 ports, which allow streaming of digital audio directly to a computer or memory stick as well as exclusive, built-in MP3 compression. This allows users to record live performances directly onto a USB stick, without the need for any other hardware.
A hip hop-based event, Skratchpad highlights the DJ as the backbone of the hip hop culture. Since starting in 2003, Skratchpad has hosted numerous DJ and breakin battles. Theyve transitioned from being a 21+ event to a more kid-friendly, all ages event aiming to inspire the next generation of DJs. The format for the event is two rounds where two DJs go head to head, skratching back and forth for two bars/ three times. The top four get selected for the final round where the top three will be picked. Contestants are not allowed to use the sounds ahh and fresh and they are encouraged to explore creativity using phrases, instrument sounds, and demonstrate skill level in this way. Random instrumental beats at various Beats per minutes will be played by Skratchpad DJs for each pair of DJs going head to head. The winner of the event will receive a pair of Peavey Dark Matter DM 112 speaker enclosures. DJs Mista B, Pone, Skratchwell, and DJ Quest will appear as judges and determine the winner.
Diane Medina (DJ Deeandroid) and Maricel Cadabes (DJ Celskiii) founded Skratchpad Worldwide in 2003. Since then, their mission has been to help preserve hip hop culture and elevate the art of DJing while keeping people connected. They plan to continue doing youth-related events and set up further chapters in different US cities to promote awareness of authentic DJ art and culture. For more information about Skratchpad, please visit:
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