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Peavey Celebrates 2018 Ahhyeah AMPLIFY DJ Champions

Peavey Electronics celebrates the winners of the 2018 Ahhyeah AMPLIFY DJ Championships. The winners were crowned on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 in front of a packed house at GoldBar night club in Lower Manhattan. This year, Unkle Chip successfully defended his reign as DJ Champion, and walked away with a prize pack worth more than $3,000. Philadelphia's DJ Domino came in second place and New York City Champion FIINEST placed third.

Ahhyeah AMPLIFY gives highly skilled DJs a platform to showcase their skills, battle and gain notoriety. Unlike other DJ battles, Ahhyeah has a creative format that seeks to find the DJ that has perfected the true art of party rockin'. Competing DJs were given 10 minutes and the challenge to play different genres of music while keeping the crowd going. Song selection, creativity, technicality, and crowd reaction all factored into the judging. The winners were selected by a panel of judges that included two-time DMC USA Champion DJ Esquire, DJ Wonder, Eddie B Swift, DJ Boogie Blind, and DJ As 1 (Guitar Center Spin-Off National Finalist (2005) and Kame World Classic 2017 North American Champion). The event host was TOKE1 with support from Peavey artist DJ NME.

Behind every great party-rockin' set is a pumpin' PA, and Peavey delivered the goods with RBN 215 subwoofers, PVXp 12 DSP tops and an FX2 16 mixer for the front of the house.

Peavey's RBN 215 subwoofers deliver full power and deep sound by incorporating the latest digital signal processing (DSP) technology, while the PVXp 12 DSP features a reliable bi-amped power section that provides a total of 830 Watts of peak available dynamic power. The PVXp and RBN join forces through Peavey's FX2 16 mixer, featuring twice the processing power of the original, with exclusive technology to enhance live sound reproduction and project studio recording.

Ahhyeah Amplify dates back to 2016, when NYC- and NJ-based DJ collective Ahhyeah began a weekly event to give local DJs an outlet for creativity. Every Wednesday in Jersey City, nine DJs would battle it out for the chance to return at the end of the month. This event became known as Weekday Warriors and as its popularity increased, so did the competition and complexity of the DJ sets. Two years later, the event has evolved into Amplify with a title sponsor and pro-audio partner in Peavey, one of the world's largest suppliers of professional sound equipment.

The party continues at where updates about next year's competition will be posted.

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