Raising the output drive level changes the crossover frequency

Raising or lowering anyone of the bandpass output levels affects how the drivers interact at these crossover points. It is for this reason that once a performance begins any changes to the system should be executed via of the overall system EQ and NOT at the crossover.

In this article we have addressed most of the issues regarding the setting up of an electronic crossover for a typical sound system. Up until recently we were limited to working with the above outlined parameters when adjusting the typical analog variable electronic crossover. In recent years so much has changed with the introduction of high quality affordable electronic digital signal processors or DSP. In the next article (Part III) "Crossovers 2001+", we will address the world of DSP. Much of traditional thinking regarding crossover operation is pretty much out-the-window when it comes to signal processing in the digital domain. There are a lot more variables and many more ways to mess things up. However, the power of today's DSP technology allows those with the proper knowledge and measurement tools, to calibrate sound reinforcement systems to a degree of accuracy never before possible. Please read Part III for the information that will bring you into the 21st Century regarding digital signal processing.