invective™ .120 Guitar Amp Head

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Product Description

invective™ .120 Guitar Amp Head
The first high-gain amplifier to deliver pristine cleans, the Peavey invective.120 starts with the no-compromise high-gain performance of the legendary Peavey 6505 series, then adds a level of versatility that is unprecedented in an amp within this class. Designed in collaboration with Misha Mansoor of Periphery, the invective.120 features three channels which each deliver a distinctive sonic-range, as well as a long list of controls which allow you to dial in that perfect tone. Use the included footswitch to quickly switch from one tone to the next, from the most extreme high gain metal, to a flawless classic rock tone, to a deep clean jazz tone - it's all there, and everything in-between!
A tube amp only sounds as good as what's inside, and Peavey's invective.120 delivers with four matched JJ6L6GC output tubes with top-loaded bias test points and adjustment. The rear panel features paralleled speaker outputs with impedance selector, an MSDI-XLR direct output with Level/Tone/Ground Lift, MIDI out/thru, and MIDI footswitch input. The included footswitch has nine presets to further help the player achieve their desired tone. Two remote switchable effects loops, half-power switch, and two 9VDC/ 500mA auxiliary power jacks for effects pedals complete the rear panel.
On the front panel, players will find even more options and advanced control. The invective.120 Head has a single input with three key remote switchable channels (Clean/Crunch/Lead), giving you a sonic palette that lets your imagination run wild. Both the Lead and Crunch channels have independent Pre and Post Gain controls as well as shared low/mid/high EQ, in line with the revered Peavey 6505 head. They also feature a shared switchable front end boost fast attack input noise gate with a threshold for complete control over muting. The standby and power switches with blue jeweled pilot light indicate when the amp is ready. Just adjust the Master Resonance, Presence and Volume knobs, and it's ready to rock.

  • Single input
  • Master Resonance
  • Master Presence
  • Master Volume
  • Shared Low/Mid/High EQ on Lead/Crunch channels
  • Power and Standby switches
  • MIDI / Footswitch Input
  • MIDI Out/Thru
  • 2 x 9VDC at 500mA Auxiliary power jacks
  • Rack Loop (remote switchable)
  • Independent Pre and Post Gain controls on Lead and Crunch channels
  • Effects Loop (remote switchable)
  • Lead/Crunch channel Boost Level & Tone (remote switchable)
  • MSDI Direct Output with Level/Tone/Ground Lift
  • Lead/Crunch channel input muting Gate Threshold (remote switchable)
  • Paralleled speaker outputs with Impedance Selector
  • Channel select with "bullet" LEDs (remote switchable)
  • Half Power switch
  • Clean channel Gain/Low/Mid/High/Post - VERY CLEAN
  • 4 Matched JJ6L6GC output tubes
  • Clean channel Boost Drive & Tone (remote switchable)
  • Top-loaded bias test points and adjustment
  • Blue Jeweled Pilot Light
  • Weight Unpacked: 48.39 lb(21.95 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 57.54 lb(26.1 kg)
  • Width Packed: 17.047"(43.29938 cm)
  • Height Packed: 30.433"(77.29982 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 15.827"(40.20058 cm)

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Misha Mansoor of
Misha Mansoor
invective .120 Head Manual (English)
invective .120 Head Manual (Multilanguage)
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Customer Review

Q & A
bobby hanes

Subject: peavey invective 120 head
Discussion: Can the Invective be used without a cabinet or do i need some kind of load box to use cab ir's with head Peavey Response: The Invective doesn't have the ability to load Cab IRs itself. You would need some kind of load box and an IR loader.
Matt Gilmour from London UK

Subject: Peavey Invective EQ
Discussion: Hi guys a had a question regarding the Peavey invective. Is the EQ pre gain like a Mesa Mark amp? I only say this as it acts a lot like that sort of eq. It’s awesome! The eq is rather subtle.... in a good way. Also is the Mid frequency a low mid it’s sounds a lot different from my old 5150 block letter. Thanks for your support. Long time player of peavey amps. Keep up the good work. Peavey Response: This amp is in no way anything like the Mesa. Its way better. It is its own beast. More similar to the 6505.