invective™.MH Mini Amp Head

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5 out of 5 stars ( 2 )
Product Description

invective™.MH Mini Amp Head
The invective.120 head has been one of the most in-demand high-gain amps on the market. Developed in a collaboration with the talented Misha Mansoor, this was one of the first amps designed to be a perfect match for modern pedalboardcentric players. The best-in-class clean channel is the perfect launchpad for your pedal-generated sound. The high-gain channel in the invective is based on the legendary 6505, known as the amp that created today's hard rock sound. Now with the invective.MH, you can get this versatile performance amp in a mini-head form factor.

  • Weight Packed: 20.50 lb(9.3 kg)
  • Width Packed: 13.125"(33.3375 cm)
  • Height Packed: 19.375"(49.2125 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 12.375"(31.4325 cm)

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Misha Mansoor
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Review: Steve Submitted: 4/8/2022

Overall5 out of 5 stars.


Love this Amp

What is your opinion of this product?

Really love the tones, the gate works great, it takes pedals well. Using a generic TS9 in the front or a MXR Distortion + really works well and the gate takes care of any noise. It is real responsive to a Cry Baby pedal. It comes with a 2 button pedal but i suggest getting another so you can really control all the effects. The loop is nice with delay and chorus pedals. Using the direct out XLR with the speakers in load/mute works nice into a mixer and i can do direct recording. after 40 years of playing music and having several tube amps this is my favorite and will someday get the big invective amp.

Review: Joel D. Submitted: 3/21/2021

Overall5 out of 5 stars.


Great sound.

What is your opinion of this product?

I love this head. It’s the sound I was looking for and I have tried and owned alot of amps. This head won and now my search is over. I found my tone, I didn’t know it would be Peavey but it was. Now it’s the only brand I will use. The Invective is a metal monster with chunk in the chugs and crunch to add flavor in the high end. Also a great clean channel. Thanks Peavey for a job well done. Oh and also the 1watt mode is great and still chugs. Doesn’t sound thin like others
Merchant Response
Q & A

Subject: Tube change in my Invective MH
Discussion: Will I be able to change the power tubes if they go wrong myself too or do I need to leave the job to a professional amp technician? I have no experience with electronics but changing the pre amp tube was very simple. Thanx! Peavey Response: Yes but with changing power tubes may need bias adjustment which is best done by professional.

Subject: Amp Bias
Discussion: I was just wondering if this amp self biases? Peavey Response: No. The TSI circuit operates off of the bias circuit and when a tube goes bad you will need to readjust the bias.

Subject: What cabinet matches with this amp head?
Discussion: Hello, I want to buy this new amp head but do no know what cabinet will match with it. Will the new Invective.212 2x12 guitar cabinet work with this amp head? Will the speakers be too underpowered? Thanks. That one does not match, but you could match that mini-head to 03615010.