invective™.MH Mini Amp Head

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Expected Soon! Jul 22, 2021
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Product Description

invective™.MH Mini Amp Head
The invective.120 head has been one of the most in-demand high-gain amps on the market. Developed in a collaboration with the talented Misha Mansoor, this was one of the first amps designed to be a perfect match for modern pedalboardcentric players. The best-in-class clean channel is the perfect launchpad for your pedal-generated sound. The high-gain channel in the invective is based on the legendary 6505, known as the amp that created today's hard rock sound. Now with the invective.MH, you can get this versatile performance amp in a mini-head form factor.

  • Weight Packed: 20.50 lb(9.3 kg)
  • Width Packed: 13.125"(33.3375 cm)
  • Height Packed: 19.375"(49.2125 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 12.375"(31.4325 cm)

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Misha Mansoor
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Review: Joel D. Submitted: 3/21/2021

Overall5 out of 5 stars.


Great sound.

What is your opinion of this product?

I love this head. It’s the sound I was looking for and I have tried and owned alot of amps. This head won and now my search is over. I found my tone, I didn’t know it would be Peavey but it was. Now it’s the only brand I will use. The Invective is a metal monster with chunk in the chugs and crunch to add flavor in the high end. Also a great clean channel. Thanks Peavey for a job well done. Oh and also the 1watt mode is great and still chugs. Doesn’t sound thin like others
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Q & A

Subject: Peavey Invective mh
Discussion: I own a Peavey Invective 120 I love the way that it sounds! I'm wanting to add another amplifier to my collection, I'm choosing between this mini Invective or the big 6505 120 head. I would like to have the smaller Invective for home use. But how much will be missing in the low end section in terms of feel compared to The Invective 120? Would I be better off getting the 6505 120 to add to the arsenal? Peavey Response: The mini has the same bottom end response as its bigger brother. Just in a small package.
Jon from Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Subject: Pedal for boost/gate
Discussion: Hey, I read that the footswitch that comes with the amp is only for switching channels. What do you recommend for switching the boost and gate? Peavey Response: This unit provides for connection of one or two Peavey Multi-purpose 2-button Footswitch w/LEDs. The top jack switches channels, while the bottom jack handles boost and gate.

Subject: Release date?
Discussion: When does this release? I've seen several different dates across many stores and providers and all keep changing. Peavey Response: The Invective MH Mini Amp Head is estimated to be ready on July 22, 2021.

Subject: Safe to use without a Cab.
Discussion: Still in the process of finding a cabinet to go with this head that won’t break my bank. Is it okay to use the amp with either headphones or into a computer(msdi) until I get a cabinet? Peavey Response: You can use the MSDI and headphones as long as you have the speaker load engaged. Here are some cabinets we would recommend - Peavey® 112-6 1x12 Guitar Cabinet Peavey 212-6 2x12 Guitar Cabinet