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6505® 1992 Original

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The legendary Peavey 6505 1992 Original is the ultimate rock 'n' roll guitar amp, featuring super-rock crunch, harmonic-rich sustain, and screaming metal drive like you've never heard before. Fit for any sized venue and revered by studio and touring professionals around the world, the 6505 1992 Original is THE guitar amp that defined a genre and a generation.

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The iconic guitar amp that started it all

The undisputed go-to guitar amp for scores of rock, hardcore, and metal bands since 1992. Known for its raw tone, relentless power, and road-proven reliability, the 6505 1992 Original features five (5) 12AX7 preamp tubes and four (4) 6L6GC power amp tubes. In addition, the 6505 1992 Original includes Peavey's innovative Presence and Resonance controls and a shared three-band EQ for shaping its savage tone. When combined with its merciless ultra-high gain preamp capabilities and monstrous 120 watts RMS power section, the 6505 1992 Original delivers an unparalleled stage presence with enough volume for any gig.

With the power of the 6505 1992 Original behind you, elevate your sound to new heights in the studio or on stage.

  • Packed with (5) x 12AX7 preamp tubes and (4) x 6L6GC power tubes
  • Loaded with 120 watts RMS of power
  • Features per-channel Pre-Gain and Post-Gain knobs providing for near-infinite gain staging
  • Supplied with a 2-button foot switch for Lead/Rhythm channel and effects loop switching
  • Pairs with 16-, 8-, and 4-ohm speakers

Limitless power and customization

Enjoy dialing in your favorite tones with Pre-Gain and Post-Gain knobs that allow for extensive sonic customization. Ride the glassy crisp-clean rhythm tones or stomp the crunch to unleash the stadium shaking overdrive you expect from this one-of-a-kind amp. Tap into endless sustain and let your tones ring throughout the arena.

For maximum flexibility, a footswitchable effects loop, preamp output and bright/crunch voicing switches (rhythm channel) are included. Because of its unique design and distinguished tone, the 6505 1992 Original is in a category all its own.

The centerpiece of the Peavey 6505 series

The creation of the 6505 1992 Original marked the 30th anniversary of its acclaimed introduction. Pair this head with a Peavey 412 Straight or 412 Slant guitar cabinet to revel in the tones and get the most out of your 6505 investment.

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Weight 24.494 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 14 × 12.25 cm
California Proposition 65 Warning

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