Peavey Power Slide Wins Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award

Peavey Power Slide Wins Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award

The editors of Guitar Player magazine have honored the Peavey Power Slide, a next-generation slide guitar instrument ergonomically designed for maximum playability, with its prestigious Editors Pick Award.

The eye-catching Peavey Power Slide is a reimagining of the lap steel and slide guitar concepts, combining elements of both in a patent-pending design exclusively from Peavey. Unconventional and revolutionary, the Power Slide can be played from a seated position like a lap steel, while standing like a traditional guitar, or even horizontally while standing with its unique three-point suspension and special Y strap. This radical design provides unprecedented neck access in the horizontal playing position.

What you cant do with most lap-steels is walk around on stage with them, writes Matt Blackett in the May 2011 issue of Guitar Player. With [Peaveys] proprietary strap, the Power Slide becomes a cool live tool. It balances well and the design keeps most of the playing surface to the left, where you need it. To cut to the chase, this thing is a blast to play and it sounds great.

The Power Slide features a unique, magnet-loaded pickup with Peaveys patented, variable coil mode control that continuously shifts the pickup from dual-coil to single-coil as you rotate the mode control. The effect, pioneered on the groundbreaking Peavey T-60 electric guitar in the 1970s, is a proprietary Peavey circuit that gives players incredible control over their tone. With its six-string configuration, the Power Slide also provides an instantly familiar platform for guitarists to begin playing lap-style slide guitar in any tuning.

The pickup has a great blend of throaty power and jangly definition, writes Blackett. Between the volume knob and this coil-cut feature, I could easily get a big range of tones.

Continued Blackett, In the recording studio, its hard to describe how much vibe this instrument brings to a song. Spooky glisses, delay-soaked ascensions, trippy vibrated chordsits hard not to use it on every track.

The Peavey Power Slide ships with Peaveys specially designed Y strap and a padded gig bag, and is available now from authorized Peavey retailers ($399.99 U.S. MSRP).